Oh the things people say… like it or not

My daughter is almost 5 months old. She has a sweet disposition and is usually happy with a huge gummy grin to prove it. She is the first girl in a family of four boys and we think she is the cat’s pajamas, after all we are her parents.

When I am out and about doing daily errands or perhaps just out for a stroll we rarely escape a comment or two from a passerby, after all everyone loves a sweet new baby. Usually the comments are about her full head of hair, pretty blue eyes, or her big smile accompanied by two dimples that attract an outpouring of love and attention. But all too often I hear “my what a big girl,” or “she is so fat,” or “she doesn’t miss many meals does she?”

Lately I have allowed my sensitivity to get the better of me when people comment about her size. Even my own family and friends have been known to make an off colored remark that immediately has me defending her and myself for the fact that she is breast-fed and not on a schedule.

This is not my first go round at defending the way I choose to feed my children and I still don’t feel it necessary to get on a soap box and preach my opinions on breast milk vs. formula. I choose to breast feed not just because of the wonderful benefits it provides for my daughter, but because it comes naturally and easily to me. I am blessed and fortunate to have such a pleasant experience with all my children. I know there are stories out there that are quite the opposite, but this is my story.

It is my choice and my preference that is all.

I just wish I was given the same respect and not judged on my decision to do so.However sometimes I just want to scream when people ask me such questions or make such statements as… “How do you know if she is getting enough?” or “Don’t you think you are feeding her too much?” or “Don’t you think she needs ‘real’ food?”


My sweet little flower is a new baby. She may not totally understand the rude unsolicited comments that are coming her way at this point in time and I know all too soon that one day she will, however while she is small and still a bit delicate I ask that you refrain from commenting at all… if by chance you can’t say something nice. I don’t comment on your weight or if you’ve eaten enough today or if you eat ‘real’ food vs. junk food.

So perhaps if by chance you run into us while we are out and about and you want to add your two cents on her blue eyes, full head of hair, or the dimples in her cheeks when smiles at you, go ahead we love the attention. However, if it has to do with her size and she is in fact “pleasingly plump,” as we love to call her, we prefer you keep your comments to yourself and keep on walking.

About mommymetamorphosis

Redeemed. Lucky wife. Crunchy. Organic Mama of 2 boys, 2 step sons, one Little Flower and are newest Little Gem. In my previous life I was a yogi, runner, artist, dreamer, believer of all things purple! Now I'm a cloth diapering fanatic, early homeschooling mama, who tends to leave the house with spit-up somewhere on my person. I have been keeping a journal since I was a kid, but I never let anyone read it... so this should be interesting!
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2 Responses to Oh the things people say… like it or not

  1. Lindsey says:

    Ahhhhh – didn’t I say to you that “she doesn’t miss many meals”? I didn’t mean to insult you – if I did I’m sorry! She’s adorable, and just happens to be chunky. I don’t really care how you feed her, just as long as you do.
    I know that society tends to be a little on the obese side now, but I don’t think that putting almost-5-month-olds on diets is going to save us from it 😉

  2. Oh, YOU didn’t offend me AT ALL…. I just got to thinking of this topic after we were out yesterday. I know she is a chunk, but there is a certain way that people approach me at times that just seems plain rude. I am not a ‘big’ person… I gained 10 pounds while I was pregnant and she was 8.5 lbs. I am a health nut and an avid exerciser. My older son was a chunk as a baby and is now lucky to weigh 70 pounds soaking wet and he is 13. I know agree with the obese thing… and I have a pretty thick skin… just when people approach me and say my baby is fat that can make me feel like crap sometimes, after all I am not feeding her soda and chips… we don’t even keep those in the house for the older kids. 🙂

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