Walking through the seasons of life

At least twice a month I meet up with a younger friend of mine and we walk around a paved path that stretches 3.7 miles surrounding Cooper River. We have certainly logged some miles through sun, wind, rain, warm, and bitter cold temperatures all in the name of staying fit?!

I love that this friend rarely settles for my suggestions to meet up for coffee or lunch. She’s an avid runner, triathlete, and gym rat (In fact I used to see her every morning at 6 am for years at our local gym before we ever became running buddies & friends). Even when I was nine months pregnant she would shoot me a text and I would lace up my running walking shoes and we would hit the pavement. Certainly if the trees, shrubs, and geese that occupy the spaces surrounding the river could talk we would both have A LOT of explaining to do.

You see although we would both probably rather have a latte from Starbucks and a side of banana chocolate chip pound cake to go with it (ok I won’t speak for her, but this is my struggle because I pass 2 on the way). We meet up in the same parking lot to walk the same path and neither of us thinks twice about it. Even if we are sleep deprived. She is a nurse, who clocks crazy shifts and I have a baby who is currently teething and has yet to sleep through the night.

Sometimes I get her text and I want to answer back with an excuse on why I am too tired to meet up. Other times I am overjoyed to hear the distinct tone that chimes when I receive her message because I know despite what’s currently going on in my life this is a constant I can count on. This is a part of my month that I look forward to. It’s so much more than just exercise for my body.

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that she is younger than me. We have many things in common, but have very different backgrounds, I am divorced with 2 children and now remarried with step children and a new baby. She is still single (although after today’s walk her status may be changing *YAY*) Oops the geese might be talking! However we have created a bond. She is not someone I see or talk with regularly yet I consider her to be a very dear friend.

As I drove away from our walk today I considered the many conversations we have had. Wind at our backs, side by side, striding our way with one foot in front of the other. Now I push a jogging stroller, when a year ago I waddled with a babe inside me. We’ve discussed everything from relationships to our favorite running shoes. We have laughed so hard we’ve almost peed our pants and we have silently walked next to one another with tears streaming down our faces, but through it all we walk.

I am grateful for such a friend who encourages me to stay fit, but more importantly thankful to have a friend by my side to walk through the seasons of life. Thanks @unachicka7

Who are the special friends or people in your life? What things or activities do you do together? What bonds beyond these activities do you share?

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Redeemed. Wife. Mama. Breathing life back into a dusty old blog. Passionate about home education, holistic health, Eating real food and sharing about how we keep it fun, easy, and simple on a budget. Plant based healing with essential oils and so much more. This space is much like a journal to me. Sometimes the things I share will make sense and follow a straight-ish line, other times there will be mere ramblings, much like the intimate pages of my journal, which I've been keeping throughout my life. Welcome to the randomness of my mind.
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4 Responses to Walking through the seasons of life

  1. Wonderful post about a special “date” and friend.

    In my old neighborhood, a friend and I used to get out of the house by walking with the kids on “errands.” We’d walk through Brooklyn’s Chinatown on the way to the bank, chat while the kids nibbled on sweet buns, and just spend time with another adult after hours or even days of only conversing with babies and toddlers. It was a “date” that didn’t require too much of a time commitment, and we felt like we were being productive as well – depositing checks, picking up vegetables at the stands, dropping off cleaning. I always looked forward to getting her call, and it was a call I never felt was in imposition on her if I reached out.

    We got together at the park or at each other’s houses as well, of course. But that was about the kids. This was something that was for us – and the kids just happened to be with us.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I think having these friends and moments make us better people.

  3. Margo says:

    Beautiful. I am so honored! The pavement and you know me best. I hope to be walking the walk w/ you for years and memories to come! xo

  4. Susan Wilson says:

    Keep It up!!!

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