Moving In Slow Motion

On Monday I got a text message from our friend and realtor that read like this:

Were probably not looking to close on 5/5, but I believe I may have approval from the bank by Friday and may have an idea by then. Start packing!” 

It has been 3 years. Three years, since my husband and I have met, married, had our Little Flower, & decided to move on from this house. This is the house he bought and lived in with his ex-wife. He tried to maintain consistency for his boys, especially his youngest with autism, but the economy, decrease in income, and several other factors have turned this house into an albatross.

When we first put it up for sale we had 2 offers immediately, one of which was a very serious cash offer. We were ecstatic and nervous all at the same time. We hadn’t even begun to look at other houses and had no clue where we wanted to move. These offers mysteriously vanished and we had over eighty showings after that.

EVERY single weekend and many weekdays our house was taken over by showings. I never cleaned so much in my life. Three toilets, four bedrooms, and you could eat off the kitchen floor. It was exhausting.

Eight showings later and still no offers. Until we decide perhaps we would just pull it off the market and try again. Only we didn’t have time. We quickly ran out of reserve and had to borrow from family. We struggled. Cut all expenses. Got rid of all extra luxuries and I even started becoming a mad coupon-ing woman. Stress was our new house guest and our first year of marriage and as new parents was overshadowed by the very thing that was supposed to bring us comfort. Home sweet home wasn’t the sentiments we were singing any longer.

More phone calls, attempts to short-sale, refinance at lower rates, or modify our existing mortgage, and program after program offered by the government all turned down.

Our relator quit, removed her sign from our lawn, and we never heard from her again.

Foreclosure was straight ahead, just like the iceberg that was struck by the Titanic, we were going down fast or so we thought.

After contacting the mortgage company one last time, we accepted our fate and decided to ride it out. Except riding it out, not knowing what will happen or when is far worse then waiting for something to happen. I had lived in fear for months wondering if we would just be evicted without notice. Although my husband promised and swore that is not how these things happen.

Finally after months of agony we re-group and call a friend, who also happens to be a realtor. We exhaust every option again and are faced with the enviable, but only this time she is hopeful and focused on getting our house sold no matter what.

We rally the boys and dig deep. Scrub every nook and cranny clean~AGAIN and have two showings the very first weekend after we signed contracts and even before the sign was on the lawn, we have our first two showings on Sunday afternoon.

That Monday when the realtor stops by to put the sign on our lawn she grins from ear to ear and tells me that one of the couples is very interested and has made an offer.

We have had hoops of fire to jump through since then, but I have become like Katniss and haven’t let the flames scare me nor ignite me just yet.

This offer has stuck. After radon tests, inspections, and all the other craziness that goes along with selling/buying a home they really want our house.

I am so ready to move on. To start anew. To rid our lives of the past and the painful memories that live among these walls. Of course, good memories have been made here too, but our newest Flower is ready to sprout and grow in a home where we can all move forward as a blended family and leave behind the things that no longer serve our lives in a positive way.

For now we await the long anticipated news.

Have you tried to sell your home during these tough economic times or moved recently? What sort of struggles and snares, if any, have you come up against? Share your horror or pleasant moving experiences with me. 

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Redeemed. Wife. Mama. Breathing life back into a dusty old blog. Passionate about home education, holistic health, Eating real food and sharing about how we keep it fun, easy, and simple on a budget. Plant based healing with essential oils and so much more. This space is much like a journal to me. Sometimes the things I share will make sense and follow a straight-ish line, other times there will be mere ramblings, much like the intimate pages of my journal, which I've been keeping throughout my life. Welcome to the randomness of my mind.
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2 Responses to Moving In Slow Motion

  1. Lance says:

    we went through something when we got married in 2008. We decided to take my in laws condo and eventually outgrew that and sold it fairly quickly. currently we rent a home froma great couple taht live one state over. we are saving money.

    during my first marrige we went through the same thing youre going through now. It caused a lot of stress.

    hang in there

    • This has been a long and arduous road and it certainly has tested us as a individuals and as a couple, but life is not perfect. I am NOT perfect and we are very blessed with our health and aren’t on the street just yet. We will be renting from family and hopefully, if the economy ever bounces back, we will buy another house someday. For now it has taught me to be grateful for the little things, live simply, and learn to do without all the “stuff” society says you need.

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