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Redeemed. Lucky wife. Crunchy. Organic Mama of 2 boys, 2 step sons, one Little Flower and are newest Little Gem. In my previous life I was a yogi, runner, artist, dreamer, believer of all things purple! Now I'm a cloth diapering fanatic, early homeschooling mama, who tends to leave the house with spit-up somewhere on my person. I have been keeping a journal since I was a kid, but I never let anyone read it... so this should be interesting!

Wordless Wednesday

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Frugal, Logical, or just plain Nuts?

Holidays with my husband’s family are insane. He is one of seven. He is the baby of the family. He is a twin. When our daughter was born last year on March 23, 2011, we filled an entire waiting room … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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Mommy Promises

I promised myself I would do better this go round as a mommy. I promised to be more present in every moment. I promised I wouldn’t take gobs of pictures because when my other children were small it seemed like … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: My Birthday Edition

I love scrabble &  so do my boys we all played a game together before going to dinner. I woke up the next morning to this message left by my husband! My sweetest gifts, my sons (minus my 2step-sons) and … Continue reading

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Little Flowers First Year

I can hear my baby snoring over the monitor. I sleepily snuck out of bed and down the stairs to try to catch a few moments of mommy time. I listen to her breathing. Even as she sleeps I am … Continue reading

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Walking through the seasons of life

At least twice a month I meet up with a younger friend of mine and we walk around a paved path that stretches 3.7 miles surrounding Cooper River. We have certainly logged some miles through sun, wind, rain, warm, and … Continue reading

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